The book NIGHT OF ANGUISH; MORNING OF HOPE by Jean Mize relates a powerful true story. I can’t imagine anyone reading it without being deeply moved. It is an unforgettable story that goes from deep unimaginable grief to unexpected, amazing hope.

I remember hearing news reports when the Mize family’s night of anguish began. My heart went out to them. I am thankful that I later learned that they experienced a morning of hope.

Amazon’s review relates the following….

“Does a Christian live through heart-rending personal tragedy without becoming bitter or defeated? NIGHT of ANGUISH, MORNING of HOPE… the true story of 12-year-old Dana Diane Mize… abducted from her hometown, taken to an isolated area, and murdered. Despite the horror of the circumstances, the reader cannot help but join Dana’s mother in praise to God for His grace and comfort during the family’s healing process.

Dana’s parents, two brothers and a sister were shown through faith God’s sustaining power and His ability to bring good out of evil. They have learned that understanding is not demonstrated by comprehension of circumstances but by commitment to and communion with God.

This is a true story of compassion, faith and forgiveness that can encourage everyone in whatever trial they are experiencing.” (from Amazon’s Review)

The Mize family experienced hope and faith to endure… to forgive… to see God’s glory in the darkest times. What a blessing it is for us to see that after a night of anguish, God can bring a morning of hope!

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