Veterans Day is an important time to honor and celebrate our veterans’ sacrifices, honorable deeds, and acts of service. Thank you, Veterans!

Today I recommend an unforgettable book I discovered approximately 20 years ago that is worthy to be read again and again. From this powerful book we learn about ordinary humans who performed extraordinary deeds. I think reading it is a perfect way to commemorate Veterans Day.

BEYOND THE MEDAL by Peter C. Lemon is a compilation of true stories by Congressional Medal of Honor recipients in their own words. Their stories, full of hope and inspiration, are by real people whose real situations compelled them to act heroically. Their choices and actions resulted in their receiving America’s highest honor.

Lemon’s book gives us opportunity to ponder the dependency on God by so many of the recipients who credit Him with giving them strength for the task. That gives me hope that God guides and provides even in the darkest situations.

In today’s world of superficial heroes I find hope in knowing our nation has produced worthy examples to honor. BEYOND THE MEDAL offers more than 90 such heroes, of which author Peter Lemon is one. Thanks again, Veterans.

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