On this Sunday morning I awakened early before the birds began their joyful chirping to greet the new day. It is going to be a lovely day with unclouded sunshine and a nice temperature — both welcome signs that springtime really has begun.

As the sun appeared on the horizon I imagined the first Easter morning more than two thousand years ago. It followed the most horrific evil known on earth when the power of darkness gave its best effort to stop God’s plan of salvation for humankind. Jesus had been crucified on Calvary’s cruel cross; it was the end to a perfect life of perfect love…. Or was it?

It would seem that the day should be shrouded in deep dark misery, no more bright sunshine, no birds singing, no joy to be experienced ever. But… as I imagine it, the sun appeared with beams of sunlight shining brightly to illumine the land and to show that this was a glorious day unlike any other!

God’s plan was achieved to bring HOPE and LIFE to humankind. Jesus Christ though crucified and buried had defeated death, and He had arisen! Soon women, disciples, and crowds of many others would witness His resurrected and living presence among them. The account is written for our eyes of faith to see and acknowledge like they did that He is risen indeed!

An official celebration of His resurrection will be next Sunday, April 4. Experience His life, love, and hope and share it with someone else. Everybody on planet Earth needs to know that He arose as Lord of all for all who believe. He is risen… indeed!

Have a blessed Easter celebration!

[God’s love story is found throughout the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, but you can find more focused accounts of the Resurrection in the following gospel chapters:  Matthew 26, 27, 28;  Mark 15, 16;  Luke 22, 23, 24;  and John 17, 18, 19, 20.]

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