It is December 27 already… this year is ending soon! I do not remember a year that so many are so glad when it will be over. Of course that is because they hope the pandemic will end — as if virus germs adhere to a calendar. I think it is normal to want to forget the negative of the past and look to the positive of the future.

Today is MY BIRTHDAY. When I was born those “many” years ago, my family was impacted but probably few others noticed my birth. No angels heralded my arrival, no star marked the location of the not-world-changing event, no wise men traveled from afar to welcome me, and no gold, frankincense, nor myrrh were delivered. As special, wanted, and loved as my family made me feel, among the multitudes of babies born on our planet, I did not stand out.

More than 2000 years ago, one baby did stand out, and His birthday was celebrated around the world just a couple of days ago. His extraordinary birth was a pivotal point in human history. His birth was truly different for He was born as no other before or since.

That unique baby was born fully man and fully God in God’s divine plan. Only He was the perfect One to be the payment for the sin of the world to allow God’s forgiveness, to provide salvation for whosoever will believe and by faith in Jesus Christ alone receive eternal life as a free gift from God.

That baby grew up to willingly give His life on a cruel cross, and His resurrection proved He was the fulfillment of Scriptures and is Saviour to the world. What a plan… what a life… what a Saviour! It is all because of His great love for us!

As the angels proclaimed, “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.” (Luke 2: 14)

Today I celebrate MY BIRTHDAY and ponder the original Christmas birthday. I am thankful for both. My life is in God’s hands, and whether I have twenty more birthdays or no more, I am His child and trust His plan for my life here and in the next life.

I have HOPE in Him and PRAISE for Him: Glory to an awesome God!

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