Sometimes an event  happens that changes one’s life. When my beloved suffered a large stroke on one side of his brain weeks ago, our lives were drastically changed. It placed us on a road we have never traveled that is difficult with no map to show the way.

In many ways many things have improved since the stroke, yet some things may never be as they were. Our lives have changed; our lives are very different now. We are becoming different. Sometimes different means better; sometimes it means worse. Sometimes it just means different.

Our lives have been changed by our circumstances. Is it difficult? Yes. Is it hopeless? No. We still have hope that is found in Christ. He never changes even as circumstances change. God is present to meet the needs of His children no matter what. We are still His children. We still have a loving Father Who cares.

More than two thousand years ago a life-changing event happened. It changed the eternal lives of anyone who believes in the One and only Son of God. His Son, Jesus Christ, came to our planet to take away our sin. For God of the universe so loved this world…. (See John 3:16-17)

That life-changing event is Christmas. It may not have occurred on December 25, as we celebrate today, but it happened. Because it happened, we can celebrate Christmas hope. It never runs in short supply.

Christmas is so much more than a holiday of toys and joys for good girls and boys. It is a holy day to show a lost world that Creator God has a plan to love and forgive, to give a future and Hope. (See Jeremiah 29:11).

Whether we say “Hopeful Christmas” or “Merry Christmas,” we must acknowledge the Savior Whose birth, life, death, and resurrection were the life-changing events that we each needed. When we trust these life-changing events, then we receive the Greatest Gift ever — Jesus and His Christmas Hope.

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